Jan 5, 2011

Welcome To Granny Therapy!!!

               Granny therapy provides the knowledge of food;as how the food we consume daily becomes the very good medicine when we become ill.
As man has moved into the life of becoming machine; he almost forgot the benefits of food or how this food acts a a medicine when we are ill.It also eliminates the side effects that modern                                                                                                                  medicines produce.Man now has begun to think that there are only 3 basic necessities for him to see:

Out of these three the most important of which is now food has become the least important for him.Because there are so many types of food that he had almost lost the traditional values that a home cooked meal can provide.It seems to me that he will never realize that the food that we consume is the very existence of his being.
         But don't worry !!!Here comes Granny therapy.
Now granny will tell you how the simple food becomes the effective medicine when taken in the right  proportion .
Now you know that whatever your Granny said was true:-)
      "When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
        When diet is correct medicine is of no need."

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