Sep 22, 2011

Chest Pain

                      Chest pain is one of the most common complaints it will be increasing in many parts of the world. But we can avoid this problem.Many Patiants may be worried about a heart attack because it is one of the Major problem of our world. So we can avoided the chest pain Problem.

What are the sources of chest pain?
                 The source of pain may arise from a variety of potential sources:   It may be arises the chest wall including the ribs, the muscles, and the skin;
                 Chest pain disease remains the number one killer in the United States, and each case is a potential failure because risk management wasn't aggressive enough.
     There are many major risk factors for Chest Pain disease:
             1.  Dry Cough. 2.Irritation on chest. 3. Unable to breath.4. Weakness of heart.
             5.  Cardiopalmus. 6. Irritation on chest. 7. Due to digestion. 8. High blood pressure.
             9.  Mucus. 10. Sneezing. 11. Continuous cough. 12. Running Nose.            
             13. Smoking, 14.High cholesterol, 15.Diabetes. and 16. Family history.
     Sometimes we are required the  blood tests, x-rays, CT scans and other tests to sort out the diagnosis.But the problem was not cleared .
    If you want reduced this Chest pain problem then you may follow the treatment :
    The Treatments  are here :

      To Remove the Chest Pain: 
            *   If we drink the “white yolk of egg and honey” then chest pain will be cured.
            *   If we eat the “fig fruit” then chest pain will be cured.
            *   If we eat the “onion and carrot” then chest pain will be reduced.
     To Remove the Chest Irritation: 
            *   If we drink the “ginger juice, lemon juice with honey” then chest irritation will be reduced.
            *   If we eat the” liquorice ” then Chest irritation will be reduced.
            *   If we keep “Glycyrrhiza glabra” on the side corner of chin then irritation on chest will be cured.

   To Increased heart strength:      
            *   If we drink the “hibiscus with honey and water” then heart will be strength.
            *   If we drink the Boilde “rose petals with milk” then heart will be strength.
            *   If we drink the “shoe  flower ” then heart will be strength.( Boil the shoe  flower with water).
            *   If we eat the “orange” then heart will be strength.
            *   If we drink the “pomegranate juice with honey” then heart will be strength.
                               These are all the Treatments are To reducing chest pain Tips . These all the product available in Natural Remedies  So you can do them.Take care. This Blog  gives helpful advice and insight into reducing all the health problems. Don't forget to comment!!
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