Sep 30, 2011

To Reduced Cough Problem

Coughs:  A cough is an action your body takes to get rid of substances that are irritating to your air passages, which carry the air you breathe in from the nose and mouth to the lungs. A cough occurs when special cells along the air passages get irritated and trigger a chain of events.
 A sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis.


  •   The list of possible causes of cough is long and highly varied. Doctors classify coughs into 2 categories, acute and chronic.
  •   Acute coughs can be divided into infectious (caused by an infection) and noninfectious causes.
  •   Infectious causes of acute cough include viral upper respiratory infections (the common cold), sinus infections, pneumonia, and whooping cough.
  •   Noninfectious causes of cough include flare-ups of the following chronic conditions: chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and environmental allergies.
  •   Some common causes of  cough include asthma, allergy, sinus problems. In rare occasions,cough may be the result of aspiration of foreign objects into the lungs (usually in children). It is very important to see a doctor who may order a chest X-ray if a chronic cough is present.
  •   Headache
  •   Throat pain
  •   Congestion
  •   Allergies
  •   Cough due to a respiratory infection
  •   Fever and Body aches
  •   Bad Smell      
              Cough preparations may help your cough. Avoid cold remedies that combine medicines to treat many symptoms. It is generally better to treat each symptom separately. There are two kinds of cough medicines: expectorants and suppressants.
              Expectorants help thin the mucus and make it easier to cough mucus up when you have a productive cough.Suppressants control or suppress the cough reflex and work best for a dry, hacking cough that keeps you awake.
Treatments of Natural Remedies:
  •    Take some cinnamon, soaked in water on night. Next day morning, filter and drink it 3 times a day.   
  •    Take some root of Justicia adhatoda and Solanum sisymbriifolium. Crush and powder it and boil with water. Then filter and add long pepper powder. Drink it regularly.
  •    Take some lotus flower, cut it small pieces, and add some water. After next day morning filter that water and drink it continuously 2 or 3 days.
  •    Make mustard seed dry powder. Take some this powder, mix with honey and eat it regularly.
  •    Okra (ladies finger) has a capacity to reduce the cough problem. So if you take some mature pods of ladies finger (Okra), make its soup, and drink it regularly.
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