Sep 22, 2011

Eye Irritation

             Eye Irritation  Now, Many people are suffering from eye irritation problems. This is one of the common complaint  The eyes are very sensitive and any sort of irritant can cause the eyes to become irritated very quickly.If your eyes are red and irritated, Eyes red and painful, Big heat boil under eyelids.        

             The truth is, eye irritation can occur for several reasons.
             *  High body heat.
            *  Sleeplessness.
            *  Long driving at night.
            *  Eye Allergies.
            *  Vision problems
            *  Sensitivity to light
            *  Poor nighttime vision
            *  Medicine Allergies

            Are you having severe eye irritation problems ?  Do not worry, because it is actually easier than you think to cure your eye irritation problems. The simple info revealed here can go a long way in helping you out of your present trouble.
           First you are  Avoid long time watching TV / video games, Clean your eyes with pure water and  Take good sleeping and enough rest for your eyes.

   Now, I will give  a good idea To relief your Eye-Irritating-problem
       *    If you Take some crape jasmine flower, clean it and stick and remove on your eyes.
       *   Turmeric water has the capacity to reduce the allergic eye pain, so if you  take1 teaspoon  of turmeric powder and mix it with 1 glass of water, then you clean your eyes by  this water.
       *   Take some drumstick tree flower, clean it and boil with milk. Filter it and drink it regularly.
       *   Ivy gourd have the capacity to cure the eye diseases, so if you take some Ivy gourd leaves, clean it and boil with water. After filter and drink it.
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